Mutanda Secondary is a new school with a single stream, running from Form One to picture  of principalForm Three. It is situated near Mwingi Thika Road between Katheka and Katutu markets.

It is always a big challenge to start a new institution and streamline its operations at the same time. Mutanda Secondary is one such institution. There are several discipline related issues that I would like to highlight as the Deputy Principal in the School.

Truancy is a major challenge, but we are fighting it to the best of our ability. Cases of truancy are rampant in the School. The students and their parents find it very normal when a student occasionally fails to report to school, most of the times with very lame excuses. We have instituted ways of curbing the behavior like; reporting back to school with a parent or guardian after such absenteeism, to explain why it had to happen or with a medical document from a recognized health centre if the claim is sickness.

Boy/girl relationship is another issue that hinders smooth running of the school. A few of such cases have resulted into early pregnancies and single parenthood. When such cases arise, we handle them with the delicacy that they deserve before forwarding them to the guidance and counseling department for the much needed guidance.

Punctually and time management is another challenge we face at Mutanda Secondary. Some students come from far and because of financial handicaps, the parents are unable to purchase bicycles for them. They therefore, arrive to school late occasionally. This interferes with the morning preps and we are therefore forced to take corrective measures to discourage the same.

The teachers at Mutanda are few. There are four T.S.C teachers only. Three B.O.G teachers assist with the teaching duties so the teachers do really have a lot of work. Nevertheless, they serve with a lot of dedication and commitment. They are a cooperative lot who need no supervision in carrying out their duties.

The non-teaching staffs are two. There is a Clerk who does all clerical jobs as well as standing in as the Office Messenger when the need arises. The other, is the school cook who is in-charge of preparing all the students’ meals. They both do their work diligently.

All in all, we try our best to ensure that every department operates without any major hindrances, either in curricular or the co-curricular departments. Our mission and vision is to produce final products who are self reliant and who can also be relied upon.

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