Students in one of the sessionsGUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING

From the desk of the Guidance and Counseling Department Head, Mutanda Mixed Day Secondary School.

The Department is one of the most important departments in institutions of learning in this fast moving modern world. Now that it has replaced corporal punishment in primary and secondary schools, its role in schools is vital for the moulding of individuals worth their salt.

At Mutanda Secondary, we have a guidance and counseling department. We have divided the students into family units so that each student belongs to a family and every family has a head. The heads are the teachers who help in running the departments. These are Mr. Ithiga and Ms. Musyimi.

The students are guided on various issues which includes life skills like communication skills, personal integrity, HIV/AIDS and its prevention, among others. The family heads interacts with the students at personal level and get to understand hem better.
We also invite external speakers to guide students on exam approach and other related skills as well as moral issues.

Peer counselors from each class have been trained at a peer counselors’ workshop to help the teacher councilors in handling the many cases in the school who needs guidance. These report to the departmental head in case of any complications.

The many challenges that face our mixed day institution includes illicit love affairs, poverty, broken and single parents families, among others. The department tries its best with the little time available to sort out such issues and enlist help from professional councilors where the situation is beyond their capability.

We aspire to mould mature people in the spiritual, social, psychological, physical and mental realms. May God help us in our worthy endeavour.


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